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Charity Golf Tournament

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Proudly sponsored by...

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Generously funded by the J DASS Foundation

Thank you for supporting The Haven in our endeavour to provide mental wellness services to our Public Safety Personnel, Military and their Families. Your contributions make our work possible. 


Indulge in a delightful morning with our optional Brunch experience, available for an added touch of luxury. Secure your spot swiftly, as the Brunch availability is limited and promises a memorable start to the day at 11:00 am.


The excitement continues as we tee off into the heart of the tournament at 1:00 pm, setting the stage for an exhilarating day of golf for a great cause.


As the sun begins to set, we extend an exclusive opportunity to enhance your experience with additional awards ceremony, drinks and elegant snacks. Join us at this elegant affair if your schedule allows, where delectable cuisine and great company converge. During drinks and snacks, we will also proudly present the well-deserved tournament prizes, awards, and a moment of celebration and recognition.


Your presence promises to make this charity golf tournament an unforgettable journey of sportsmanship, connection, and generosity.

Ticket pricing is as follows:

Golf Tournament Ticket 

(required to participate in the golf)

  • 100$


Pre-Tournament Brunch and Post-Tournament Awards Ceremony with Drinks and Snacks

  • $50


Please add the additional Pre-Tournament Brunch and Post-Tournament Awards Ceremony with Drinks and Snacks if you wish to join.




We extend an invitation to potential sponsors interested in aligning their brand with our charity golf tournament. Your support contributes significantly to the success of this noble cause. Below, we present our sponsorship tiers for your consideration:


Hole Sponsorships:

  • Holes 1-17: A minimum sponsorship fee of $1000 per hole.

  • Hole 18: A distinguished sponsorship opportunity with a minimum commitment of $5000.

It's important to note that these figures represent our minimum sponsorship thresholds, and we warmly encourage additional contributions if your generosity allows. In fact, we wholeheartedly welcome the option to sponsor multiple holes, should that align with your vision.



For the following grouping arrangements for "golf" ticket purchases:

  1. If you purchase 1-3 tickets without specifying your team members, we will organize you into a complete team of 4 by pairing you with others.

  2. If you have colleagues or friends purchasing tickets separately and want to be grouped together, please provide their first and last names in the designated box. Make sure they also mention your name in their submission and confirm their intent to purchase tickets.

  3. If you purchase exactly 4 tickets, we will designate this as your complete team of 4 automatically.

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Click above image to access full sponsorship package.

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